T5 T5.1 T6 Towing Eye Extension for Sportline Lower Spoiler

  • £1600

If you have a T5, T5.1 or T6 Sportline lower spoiler you will need one of these.....

Suitable for any T5 T5.1 T6 with a sportline lower spoiler fitted (Not suitable if your fog cover is not removebale)

This towing eye extension will get you out of trouble if the worst happens and you need to be towed.

Dont get caught out and have to remove your lower spoiler or even break it trying to force the towing eye in.

Extends the towing eye by 37mm. Your towing eye is usually attached to the jack.

Made from exactly the same material as the genuine VW one  

** Please note this is a extension piece for your existing towing eye not a complete towing eye. **

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