T6.1 Feelart SQ6.5 plug & play premium speaker kit

  • £28900

id-bass sound basin/ 10OZ magnet.

Two-layer aluminium sound coil/ Symmetrical passive crossover.

Type  2 way split speaker

T6.1 Transporter Feelart plug and play speaker kit

This kit is a much needed upgrade for any Transporter 20 onwards the difference is huge over the factory speakers. 

 2 x Tweeters

2 x Door speakers with water guards and Collars and factory plugs 

1 x Quadlock / ISO Loom (if required)

8 x Sheets of Sound Deadening 

6 x Door clips 

1 X Glue gun to mount tweeters to a pillar 

FREE trim removal kit 

Fitting kit & instructions 

25MM Silk ball top diaphragm treble/ N40 advanced neodymium steel magnetic circuit.

Steel-and-iron mid-bass stand/ special pulp board m

Size  165MM(6.5")

The Number Of Loops  2 way

Sensitivity  91dB

Impedance  4Ohms

Maximum Power  120W

Rated Power  60W

Frequency Response  60Hz-20000Hz

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