T5 03-09 Double USB Socket upgrade (replaces dash blank)

  • £1800

Item Descriptions:

Condition: New

Color: Black

Material: ABS

Output Current: 3000mA

Input Voltage: 12-24V

Output Voltage: 5V

Compatibility: For cellphones, smartphone, tablet, laptops, computers, mp3 players, mp4 players, etc.

Working Temperature: -20-60 Celsius degrees

Output Interface: Dual USB ports


For VW Transporter T5 2003-2009


1. The item doesn’t fit the T5.1 cars that run from 2010-2015

2. Please make sure the length and width of the installation hole, which are 28.3mm and 23.4mm respectively.

How to Install It:

The red wire needs to be plugged into the fuse box that is located below the radio or heater controls.

1. Loosen the screws that are used to fix up the cover of radio or heater control, and then remove the cover;

2. Take out the dash blank and connect the wire with the fuse box;

3. Locate fuse 19, in the middle of the middle row, and remove and insert the "piggyback" fuse from the charger. Then re-insert the removed fuse into the spare slot on the piggyback fuse;

4. You have to find a negative electrode for the black wire. The black wire can be connected to either side of the dashboard. Take off the side panel and bolt the wire to the metal frame. 


-Dual USB interfaces, quickly charges for 2 usb-devices simultaneously, great for most cellphones, tablets, GPS, digital camera, PSP/MP3/MP4, PC and other USB charging devices.

-With Overload, Over-charge, Over-volts, Over-current and Short Circuit Protection to ensure charging safety and protect your device. Gives you a cozy for safeguard.

-It is manufactured to fit in the OEM space available in your car, no need to drill hole, easy to install and great fitment. 


Package Includes:

1x dual USB charger

1x connector wire

1x manual

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