T4 Caravelle Alarm System

T4 Caravelle Alarm System

  • £7500

This alarm system has been specifically made for the T4. It will add on to your existing central locking system (if you have already bought the central locking only from us this is an easy upgrade). Supplied are all parts needed to install the Alarm System that will protect and secure your vehicle. Although the kit is supplied with full illustrated, step by step instructions it is advised that the installer should have a reasonable understanding of auto electrics.

Whats in the box:

  • Silicon Warrior (Quality Alarm) With specific instructions

Alarm Features:

  • 2 stylish & sleek remote transmitter's
  • Shock Sensor & Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Central locking system interface
  • Car finder facility
  • Led indicator with 2 levels intrusion memorised indication
  • Auto re-lock / re-arm
  • Manual override reset function
  • Headlights-on reminder
  • Ignition cut off (immobilizer facility)
  • Door switch sensing and programmable by pass mode
  • Optional sensor input and programmable by pass mode
  • Hazard lights short circuit tampered protection
  • Silent arm / disarm by transmitter
  • Non volatile programmable features
  • 8 stages siren trigger alarm intensity indication
  • Auto hazard lights flashing
  • Valet / Service mode
  • Door not properly closed warning
  • Instructions + Wiring diagram

Info on our T4 transporter central locking & Alarm System

We have redesigned the kit to make it installer friendly and have managed to cut the installation time dramatically. There are different parts available for Tailgate or Twin Rear Door vans.

All kits are now supplied with either a fully integrated Alarm System, with both Shock and Ultrasonic Sensors, or if preferred you can buy the Keyless Remote Control model.

For T4’s with Tailgates we have invented a unique Boot Opener similar to what you find on most modern cars. You simply press a button on the remote allowing the tailgate to pop open.

If your van is already fitted with central locking from us, you can buy an Alarm System only with simple instructions that show how to connect the alarm to the central locks. It is our kit if the the door actuators are white MES motors or if the blue timer relay unit (mounted in the dash) is MES.

Note:** Our central locking system was supplied direct to VW UK between 1998 >2003 so if your van already has central locking fitted there is a good chance it is one of ours.

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