T5 03-09 Headlight Bulb Upgrade Kit Philips Racing Vision GT200 H4, Chrome Indicator Bulbs & LED Sidelight Bulbs

  • £3900

The brightest road legal H4 bulbs from Philips so far

  • H4 Philips gt200 (pair)
  • 501 LED sidelight bulbs error free 
  • Chrome indicator bulbs 

Philips has spent years optimising their headlight bulbs they've finally hit the 200% benchmark with these H4 RacingVision GT200 bulbs!

This bulb is by far the brightest halogen headlight bulb currently available which brings you a rally bulb that can be legally used on a public road.

The increase in light will give you a safer drive, giving you the ability to see more on the road.

See more, see farther with H4 RacingVision GT200 bulbs

Driving at night can often be daunting when your headlight bulbs are under-performing. Luckily, these H4 RacingVision GT200 headlight bulbsnot only bring more light to the road but also allow the light to reach a farther distance.

These bulbs can reach up to 80 metres more than the legal requirement which means you can react faster to oncoming hazards.

6 Months Warranty

These H4 Racing Vision GT200 bulbs come with a warranty of 6 months.

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