Amarok SuperPro front anti roll bar kit

Amarok SuperPro front anti roll bar kit

  • £29900

SuperPro Roll Control Front Anti-Roll Bar Packages are the perfect addition to a 4WD.
The resistance to the fitment of bigger front Anti-Roll Bars to 4WD vehicles is the flawed concept of the loss of articulation in the suspension.
If the replacement Anti-Roll Bars are designed correctly and the Anti-Roll Bar links are lengthened, replacement Anti-Roll Bars can be fitted with minimal or no loss of articulation.

Upgrading the front Anti-Roll Bars will

  • Improve the stability by compensating for the change in centre of gravity of the chassis
  • Increase tyre life
  • Control body roll in load carrying and towing applications
  • Improve safety with no loss of comfort or articulation

SuperPro Tip - Fit this product with a SuperPro Roll Control Rear Anti-Roll Bar Kit to get the complete handling upgrade package
Sway Bar Stabiliser Kit


Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Anti-Roll Bar
  • 2 x Polyurethane Bushes

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