T5 T5.1 T6 T6.1 Rubber Door Seal

  • £1600

This rubber door seal is not an on the shelf item like many for sale. We have specifically designed this for the VW T5 & T6. It is the closest match to the genuine VW caravelle door trim with exactly the same measurements other types will not properly seal the door from the engine / road noise. The door also sounds a lot nicer once shut. The difference is amazing once fitted. This is truly one of the best mods for any T6.


  • 16X16mm OEM specification
  • Pair of door seals for both front doors 
  • Genuine 3m tape
  • Great quality & design
  • Very easy to install
  • Cut to correct length for the VW T6 front door's
  • 4 X Alcohol Wipes to de-grease The Door

**Please make sure you use alcohol wipes supplied to de-grease the area before application of the door seal this will en sure the best contact for the 3m tape.

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